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Pig iron is an important primary and intermediate product in the manufacturing cycle of iron and steel semi-finished and finished products. Different mechanical properties of the final product are achieved by adding appropriate alloys making pig iron the ideal material for industrial use.

Nodular pig iron

Nodular cast iron, also known as ductile iron, is a type of cast iron characterised by spherical graphite nodules in the microstructure. Due to this structure, ductile iron offers special properties, like increase of yield strength and tensile strength, which are the key factors for the given usage. The use of high-grade pig iron qualities reduces the effort of metallurgical corrections making a considerable contribution to an efficient controlling of costs and material quality in foundries. By selecting special individual charges, Carbones can deliver pig iron in virtually any specialty composition as requested by the customer.

Grey pig iron

Grey iron is characterised by a laminar graphite structure which has positive effects on properties like thermal conductivity, rigidity, vibration and noise damping. For the production of grey cast iron haematite pig iron as well as steelmaking pig iron is used.

Steelmaking pig iron

Due to the downstream secondary metallurgical treatments in steel plants, qualities of steelmaking pig iron with significantly higher tolerance ranges of the individual elements can be used. Based on their more favourable prices, these pig iron qualities are also used for the production of grey iron. 

Pig Iron

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