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Anthracite, which represents the highest rank of coal, was formed in the coalification process when fossil sedimentation was subject to high pressures over millions of years. Anthracite has the highest content of fixed carbon and the lowest ratio of volatile matter of all natural coal types. It is therefore an excellent carbon donator in metallurgical processes.

Together with metal scrap, anthracite is used as charge coal acting at once as a carbon carrier and energy provider in the steel making process. It represents a highly efficient and cost-optimized material which is widely available at a comparably low-price volatility.


In electric arc furnaces, anthracite is used as injection coal (foam coal) to foam slag. Controlled foaming of slag improves the coupling behavior of the arc and prolongs service life of the furnace lining making it an important factor of cost-effective processes.


Our Anthracite sourcing is worldwide.


Main sales markets are Europe, Asia and Latin America.


We are holding several stocks with different material specifications.

We can crush and screen by size and to deliver as per customers request.

Drying and packing is arranged following our customers' request.


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