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Mg ingot pallet, Mg 99,9 (6).jpg
Magnesium ingots and Mg end pieces

Pure magnesium is used as alloy to increase tensile strength both in aluminium wrought and cast alloys. Pure magnesium is also added when producing pre-alloys for the treatment of nodular cast iron. The chemical industry uses magnesium to produce Grignard reagents, and it is also used in the inorganic field. Magnesium is an excellent reducing agent widely used in metallurgy.

Magnesium is delivered in an array of 99.70 to 99.98% of purity allowing our customers to make the best possible and cost-optimized selection for the required field of application.

End pieces are the remainders of pure Mg ingots from powder production having the identical chemical composition as the pure Mg ingots. Due to their geometry, end pieces melt faster allowing for fast corrections to obtain the given final chemical composition.

MgAlloy AM50 (1).jpg
Magnesium alloys

An excellent weight/strength ratio in combination with high-quality surface appearance make magnesium alloys particularly suitable for mobile applications in the consumer goods sector. In automotive applications, magnesium die castings are increasingly replacing steel- and aluminium-based components as a major factor to reduce the total weight of vehicles, which represents a valuable contribution to achieving agreed climate targets. The improved strength/weight ratio compared to aluminium alloys also opens up new applications in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Magnesium Granules.jpg
Magnesium granules and powder

Magnesium granules (> 160 µm) are used coated and uncoated to reduce sulphur in pig iron. In the sequential process with lime and/or calcium carbide as desulphurisation reagents, both, magnesium mixtures and pure magnesium, ensure a highly efficient reduction of sulphur to lowest ratios in a comparatively short process time.

Special passivated Mg granules are used for the production of cored wire, in the treatment of nodular cast iron, and hot metal desulphurisation.

Magnesium powder (< 160 µm) is used in pyrotechnics and for military purposes.

Mg chips2.jpg
Magnesium alloy chips

Magnesium alloy chips AZ91D and AM60B are used for injection molding, which is a relatively new and environmental-friendly technique which enables to mold the Magnesium alloy with the same degree of precision as plastics, and can therefore be applied to produce a wide range of components for automobiles, personal computers, cameras, mobile phones, and others. Injection molded magnesium parts require less secondary machining than die casting parts.

PMg ingots, Mg99,9
MgAlloy AZ91 at warehouse
MgAlloy AMZ40
MgAlloy AS31_2
MgAlloy AM60 Container loading
MgAlloy AM50 (1)
Mg ingot pallet, Mg 99,9 (6)
MgAlloy AM50 (2)
Mg ingot, Mg 99,9
Magnesium Granules
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