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About us

Carbones is a global trader of metallurgical commodities. We have more than 20 years of experience in supplying the steel, metal and foundry industries worldwide from our branches around the globe.

As Europe’s largest pig iron distributor, Carbones supplies more than 400 customers just in time from company-owned warehouses.

We buy pig iron in the major producing countries like Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and India to sell it primarily in Europe and Asia.

In the field of magnesium, Mg alloys and Mg granules, Carbones mainly purchases the commodities from China where we can rely on a corporate, highly professional team of buyers who are capable of negotiating any contract detail in the language of the country. The main sales markets for magnesium are the markets in Europe and North America. Permanent warehouses at the European ports of entry ensure perfect services for all our regular customers.

We can offer anthracite coal in different qualities and grain distributions from our permanent warehouses in Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and Austria. Our close cooperation with the largest private coal exporter as well as numerous smaller mines put Carbones in a position to offer the entire range of coal. Carbones operates company-owned and leased coal processing facilities in order to meet the demands of the steel, sugar, refractory and cement industries.